Hand crafted, modern home decor pieces


Modern. Minimalist. Mindful

Each piece is handmade, start to finish creating one of a kind pieces, that cannot be replicated.

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Our Process

Each batch of concrete is made slowly, and carefully. Concrete powder is measured and hand-mixed, six cups at a time. We believe in feeling the consistency of the concrete, during production. There's no place for power tools in our studio.

Once a piece has had time to cure, any rough edges are sanded off, to ensure a smooth finish. Painting then begins. Our pieces are all carefully taped, because we love clean lines. We work on finishing every piece, one at a time. Once the paint and foil has been applied to our painted pieces, we stamp the bottoms with our logo. If it doesn't say Fox + Flwr, you know we didn't make it. We then remove the tape and seal any exposed concrete. The final step in the creation of every concrete piece is rubber feet. We want to make sure you can appreciate your piece, while your home's surfaces are protected.