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Modern. Mindful. Made just for you.

Every piece that comes from our studio has been lovingly handmade, and is truly one of a kind.

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Our Process

Each ceramic piece is either handbuilt or wheel thrown in our home studio. Every piece has slightly different features, though some may seem similar.

New work is created whenever the mood strikes, and then is allowed some drying time. Once a piece has had some time to dry, we trim the excess clay from the bottom, add a handle or other features, and our Fox + Flower stamp.

Pieces go through their first firing in my little kiln, Jess, out in our garage. They then come back inside for glazing. This is when most of the magic happens! Different glaze combinations and applications create vastly different results, and opening the kiln after every single glaze firing is just like Christmas morning, with lots of new treasures inside.

When pieces come out of the glaze firing, some have delicate touches of 22 karat gold lustre added to them. Then, those particular pieces get fired a third time, at a lower temperature, for the lustre to adhere and shine.