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Modern. Mindful. Made just for you.

Every piece that comes from our studio has been lovingly handmade, and is truly one of a kind.

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Our Process

Each ceramic piece is either handbuilt or wheel thrown in our home studio. Every piece has slightly different features, though some may seem similar. Once a piece has had some time to dry, we trim the excess clay from the bottom, add a handle, and our Fox + Flower stamp. Our pieces then embark on a short road trip to Cochrane to be bisque fired.

Once we pick up our pieces from their first firing, they return to our home studio for glazing. This is when most of the magic happens! Different glaze combinations and applications produce vastly different results. Since we are a new ceramics studio, much of our work varies greatly. Glazed pieces are again returned to Cochrane for their glaze firing.

When they come back to our home studio after the glaze firing, we add delicate touches of 22 karat gold lustre. Then, the pieces head into our home studio kiln for a lustre firing - the final step in our ceramics process.

Each batch of concrete is made slowly, and carefully. Concrete powder is measured and hand-mixed, six cups at a time. We believe in feeling the consistency of the concrete, during production. There's no place for power tools in our studio.

Once a piece has had time to cure, any rough edges are sanded off, to ensure a smooth finish. Painting then begins. Our pieces are all carefully taped, because we love clean lines. We work on finishing every piece, one at a time. Once the paint and foil has been applied to our painted pieces, we stamp the bottoms with our logo. If it doesn't say Fox + Flwr, you know we didn't make it. We then remove the tape and seal any exposed concrete. The final step in the creation of every concrete piece is rubber feet. We want to make sure you can appreciate your piece, while your home's surfaces are protected.